1) Gorenje GI 62 CLB: This anthracite gas stove (there is an analogue of ivory) primarily attracts with its original design and is, in fact, the best option for kitchens decorated in a classic style. However, the exterior is not the only advantage of the plate and in its arsenal there are a lot of opportunities that can please the home cooks. The best 36 inch gas cooktop with enameled hob of decent size, and this allowed the manufacturer to place on it 4 burners of different configurations for almost any dish: 1 small (1 kW), 2 standard (1.9 kW each) and powerful three-circuit WOK at 3.5 kW. The oven has a vaulted HomeMade shape, equipped with a gas grill.

Management is controlled by vintage rotary knobs with automatic ignition integrated into them. The functions of the clock, alarm clock, timer with a sound signal. Included: 2 baking sheets (large and small), grill, additional jets for bottled gas, metal cover. But if you looking for quality appliance repair you may contact this company to know more about it.

Main advantages:

  • Full gas control;
  • AquaClean steam cleaning mode;
  • Gas thermostatic heating in the oven;
  • Door: 2 glass (internal solid) and 1 heat-reflecting layer;
  • 1 year brand warranty + 1 year service.

2)Bosch HGA128D60R

Maybe this is not very patriotic, but gas stoves of the German brand Bosch are still the best 36 inch gas cooktop, high-quality and effective to a large extent because they are not yet produced in a Russian enterprise. It’s better to continue to engage in Turkey, the benefit turns out very well.

The Bosch HGA 128 D 60 R model in the black version has standard dimensions (85x60x60 cm), and the B / S / H concern does not produce less. The lid is glass, controlled by rotary knobs with automatic ignition integrated into them. Rings 4, of which 2 standard, 1 economical and 1 reinforced (3 kW). Lattice composite cast iron.

Oven XXL with a volume of 71 liters is covered with Granite and can operate in 2 modes: lower gas heating, large area grill. The door is easy to clean, thanks to the complete internal glazing. You can also view best 30 gas cooktop with downdraft style for classic kitchen.

Main advantages:
  • Full gas control system;
  • Electromechanical spit;
  • Thermal protection of the door – 2 glass;
  • Spacious standard drawer;
  • In a set of nozzles for adjustment on balloon gas.

3) GEFEST 6500-03 0042

Stylish gas stove in the premium glass facade by the standards of the Belarusian manufacturer. The PG 6500-03 series includes models of several colors, but for our rating the most practical and versatile white version was chosen. The cooking table is also made on the basis of heat-resistant glass. In the arsenal there are 4 burners with special reflectors (2 standard, large and small), a pair of cast-iron grates. Oven fully gas. The lower burner is traditional, the upper one is grill. The useful volume of the cabinet is 52 l, the inner coating is easily cleaned enamel, the guides are removable wire. The best gas cooktop 36 of this model comes with classic features for home kitchen.

As for the control panel, there are 5 convenient rotary knobs with built-in automatic ignition (both top and bottom), an electronic touch timer with display. The latter does not harbor any additional functions other than purely informative.

Main advantages:
  • Gas control of the table and oven;
  • Spit with an electric drive (if the barbecue hut is also interesting, you should consider the PG 6500-04 line);
  • Thermostat;
  • Dual lighting;
  • Large drawer bottom.

4) Darina 1D1 GM141 014X

There are among the full-size gas stoves and decent representatives of the budget class. And after all, an affordable price tag is not at all a sign of any primitivism or low quality. The model from the domestic manufacturer Darina 1D1 GM141 014X at its affordable price looks clearly more expensive, made of an expensive “stainless steel” and does not cause any complaints in the work.

The top of this gas strove equipped with 4 gas burners in that 2 burners have standard power of 2 kW, one burner for economical – 1 kW and another for rapid heating – 3 kW. The control is made with rotary knobs with a special position “small flame” and built-in electrical ignition. The latter function does not work on the oven, but there is a more important attribute in terms of safety – gas control. The temperature is maintained using a thermostat. Set of accessories: baking tray, pan, grill.

Main advantages:
  • Affordable price;
  • Panoramic oven door;
  • Backlight;
  • Convenient compartment for dishes;
  • Double cast iron grates.