One does not choose his cooking plates at random, because they are household appliances that require a thoughtful purchase. That’s why our site has decided to bring you all the essential advice for your purchase, especially for best gas cooktop.

What is a gas hob?

The gas cooktop is a kitchen appliance that operates on gas. It allows the cooking of our food every day, whether in a saucepan, a pan, a wok or other. The latter comes in a wide range of models that differ in their shape, size, number of lights and price. One can also distinguish butane gas hobs or connected to the gas network of the city.

How to choose a  good gas hob

  • The number of homes

Best 36 inch Gas cooktop 3 fires, 4 fires or 5 fires? There is something for every need. In general, each household has a size ranging from the smallest to the largest. Therefore, the choice of a 4-burner gas hob, even 5, would be the most judicious, since it allows not only to cook different dishes at the same time, but also to choose the fireplace best suited to our needs. dish.

It is also very convenient for a family of 4 or more. However, these are models of large gas hobs that are up to 70 cm wide. Moreover, if you are only two and you live in apartment, we recommend you to take a gas hob with 3 fires. It usually measures around 60 cm and you will not have too much trouble finding a place to embed it.

  • The power

Gas fireplaces have the advantage of cooking very quickly since the flame ignites and produces heat as soon as the knob is turned. The cooking can also be controlled according to the intensity that one wishes by regulating the power of the hearth. The best 30 gas cooktop with downdraft is more powerful and you can view reviews of downdraft cooktop.

Also, the change of temperature is immediate and easily visible thanks to the flame which weakens or strengthens according to the setting. And for those who still doubt the power of the gas hobs, know that you can opt for a model with a triple crown that achieves a power of 5.5 kW. Perfect intensity for grilling or work cooking.

  • The orders

If you prefer the simplicity of use and the precision of adjustment that offers your cooktop, it will be essential to choose well its control system. Built-in gas hobs are usually equipped with joysticks that are very easy to handle.

Depending on your needs, you will have the choice between plates with manual or automatic ignition. The choice of an automatic burner is more advisable because of its practicality, because you will not have to carry a flame at the burner. We also advise you to choose joysticks each equipped with a safety system to lock the gas supply at the burner.

It’s safer for the home, especially if you have young children. It should be noted, however, that gas stove knobs are more difficult to light for a child than an induction hob or ceramic hob.

Why buy a gas hob?
  • Cheap cooking plate

Among the different types of plates, the gas plate is the cheapest on the market. It is therefore one of the main advantages of the latter and which essentially drives consumers to choose it. Between a gas hob and ceramic hob or induction, there is nothing more interesting than the gas side price.

You will already enjoy a cheaper price for the purchase of the equipment, but also for use since the price per kWh is much lower than that of electricity. It must also be recognized that rectangular gas hobs have a very low consumption, especially since the flame produced by the burners instantly offers heat as soon as they are ignited.

  • Simple and easy to use

Everyone can use best  gas cooktop 36. It’s one of the easiest kitchen equipment to use, because you do not have to be a professional cook to start and control it to your needs. The intensity of the gas fires is easily controlled by a variation of temperature visible by the flames. It is also more practical than a gas stove, and the lever is even easier to handle than the controls of a ceramic hob.

Here you can use any type of pots, pans and pots whatever their materials. This is not always the case with an induction burner that requires specific materials.

What is the price of a gas hob?

No need to opt for a gas cooktop used when you know that we can very well afford a nice gas stove 2 fires new from 80 euros.

Indeed, gas tables are the most affordable on the market and offer a wide range of models for small and medium budgets. A maximum budget of 500 euros will allow you to obtain a 5-burner gas hob, including a modular fireplace.

How to use a gas hob?

The start of a gas hob is not very complicated. First and foremost, choose the fireplace that best suits the size of your dish. For a cookware between 24 and 26 cm, use the quick fire, between 16 and 22 cm is the semi-rapid and for a small container of 8 to 14 cm, prefer the auxiliary fire. To light one of the burners, simply turn the corresponding knob counter-clockwise to the large flame position.

Depending on the model of your gas table, you can either press the button and hold it in this position until the burner ignites, or push the button while turning it if it is a model with ignition button. Once the burner is on, simply adjust the intensity of the flame according to your needs. At the end of use, turn the knob to position 0 and turn off the gas supply for added safety.

How to maintain your gas hob?

  • Cleaning the surface of the table

A glass gas cooktop is cleaned with hot water and some neutral detergent. For stainless steel surfaces, eliminate spillage before it dries to prevent staining. Use a sponge with warm water and a neutral detergent, then wipe with a soft cloth. Acidic or alkaline substances such as vinegar, mustard, salt and lemon juice should be wiped off with a sponge. Be careful not to use abrasive or corrosive products.

best gas cooktop for classic kitchen

  • Cleaning the elements of the table

To clean, they must be removed from their location. Wash them by hand in hot water using a non-abrasive detergent. Remove all food residues, rinse and dry. Reinstall burners and burner caps in their respective slots. And to put back the grates, check if they are aligned with the burners.