1) De Luxe 506040.03g Cooktop StoveDe Luxe brand now offers with classic cooktop stove  design with high build quality. And this how radically everything has changed in recent years in De Luxe products. Now it is still inexpensive, but already decent level household appliances, which are in high demand among domestic consumers. A striking example is the popular compact gas stove 506040.03g, 50 cm wide.classic cooktop stove

Its cooking table is covered with solid white enamel, equipped with four gas burners (1 / 1.7 / 1.7 / 3 kW) with electric ignition (button). In the 54-liter oven, only the lower gas heating is provided, but there is internal lighting, ignition, gas control, and thermostat. The delivery set looks good: a large and small pan, grill for frying.  The best 36 inch gas cooktop  of this brand goes vitral for  home kitchen lovers.

Main advantages:
  • Glass top cover;
  • Cast iron composite gratings;
  • Rings with support of the mode “small flame”;
  • Mechanical timer;
  • Household compartment for dishes.

2) GEFEST 1200S7 K8

The big and convenient gas cooktop stove from the popular producer from republic of Belarus. A decent-sized cooking table 60×60 cm, on which several items of dishes (even large ones) are placed without problems, a spacious 63-liter oven is a suitable selection criterion for a not the smallest family, high income not “burdened”. The surface and case of the model are coated with white enamel, the lid is metal, in the presence of 2 steel gratings. In functional terms, no special miracles. Top 4 burners, below – a cupboard with a traditional burner. Gas control only for her. There is no electrical connection, because there is no ignition or illumination. To some it may seem like a minus, to someone the other way around. You can view best gas cooktop 36 inch before you can buy or use the means at hand.

Main advantages:

  • High-quality manufacturing;
  • Baking tray, broiler and grill included;
  • Gas filter;
  • Thermal indicator on the door;
  • Branded warranty from the Belarusian manufacturer – 2 years.

3) DARINA 1A GM441 007 W

Classic white gas cooktop stove without any functional frills. A practical option for those who are not ready to test the strength of the family or personal budget, and in the process of everyday cooking is satisfied with only the most necessary.

DARINA 1 A GM 441 007 W – compact model (50x50x85 cm) with a metal top cover. Enamel hob is equipped with 4 classic gas burners of 1.9 kW and 2.3 kW each. The degree of heating is regulated by rotary knobs, on which a fixed position “small flame” is allocated. Grill for dishes – steel profile of two parts.

Oven in the amount of 50 liters. In it, unlike the “top”, gas control is provided for the gas burner. Inside – the pallet and grill. Dependence on the electrical network is minimal, the internal lighting works from the outlet.

Main advantages:

  • One of the most affordable price tags;
  • Simple robust design;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • There is a bottom drawer for dishes;
  • Included are additional jets for re-configuring to liquefied gas.

4)GEFEST 3200-08

Simple and reliable gas stove with a high quality enamel coating. Light steel grill allows you to put on the hob even a mug with a small bottom. It is possible to manually set the desired temperature in the oven.

Main advantages:

  • excellent baking quality
  • 1 hot plate
  • steel grill table
  • gas control in the oven
  • oven thermometer accurately shows the temperature.

5) BEKO FCSG 42002 W

A good inexpensive gas stove, completely independent of electricity. Compact size – 50x50x85 cm. Case color – classic white, material – steel with enamel coating. On the cooking table are the usual 4 burners without automatic ignition and gas control. Power: 2×2, 1×2.5 and 1×1 kW. Lattices – simple steel. The cover is missing.

With the oven, everything is also simple. The volume is useful – 51 l. A torch – traditional gas with the protective thermocouple. The door has double-glazed windows, so it can heat up a lot. So, you need to use with caution, do not let the children close to avoid burns. Responsible for the management of the usual mechanical rotary switches. The best 30 gas cooktop with downdraft  style gas stove  is more flexible to maximize and minimize the frame

In general, everything is simple. But the plate looks quite good, but its main and undeniable dignity is a really affordable price.

Main advantages:

  • High-quality assembly;
  • Manufacturing country – Turkey;
  • Warranty period – full 24 months.