In this article we are going to discuss the gas cooktop reviews

1) Electrolux 76WDG

This Electrolux 5-burner stove occupies the first position on our list because it is practically a cooking machine. With a modern and robust look, finished in Silver (silver), glass table, mirrored doors and Blue Touch digital touch panel with glass screen .It has Wi-Fi connectivity and leaves roasters at the ideal spot. You can also find best gas cooktop 36 in this brand for customer needs

For starters, it is a double oven stove (electric upper and lower gas), making it possible to bake two different dishes simultaneously. Bring the Grill and Turbo Grill functions to brown and gratin dishes quickly , and Keep Warm to keep food warm until the time the visit arrives.

The gas oven in this Electrolux 76WDG cooker has the Food Sensor feature where a thermometer measures the internal temperature of the meat and automatically switches off the gas from the oven when it is ready. So your meat will be soft and juicy, at the ideal point.

And through the I-Kitchen application installed on your smartphone you can monitor the preparation of baked goods, have access to a wide variety of recipes with step-by-step videos, you can share your favorite recipes, grocery list, nearby markets, food by scanning the packaging code .

Stove Features:
  • Type of ignition: Superautomatic
  • Mirrored tempered glass table
  • Individual cast iron shafts
  • Ovens: Electric Superior 38,8 L / Gas Lower 94,5 L
  • Voltage: 127V or 220V, it is not bivolt

2)  Brastemp BFS5CCR

Brastemp BFS5CCR is modern and robust with electric oven for convection uses. Unlike other stoves in the category that has a gas oven, this Brastemp cooker has an electric convection oven, which guarantees precision in the selected temperature and greater circulation of the hot air inside the oven, providing uniform roasts.

The oven has a Meat Control thermometer , which allows you to control the internal temperature of the roast, leaving it in the perfect point and Steam function , which cooks the food delicately, reducing dryness and preserving color and nutrients. Through the panel interface Fulltouch you can also select the functions Defrost for defrosting food and electric grill .

The sturdy stainless steel tabletop features individual cast iron trusses, super-automatic ignition and burners with varying wattages , including a Turbo Flame Advanced burner for high temperature recipes and a small Simmer burner for more delicate preparations like sauces and gravy.

Stove Features:

  • Type of ignition: Superautomatic
  • Stainless steel table
  • Individual cast iron shafts
  • Oven: Electric, with 96 liters of capacity
  • Voltage: Available in 220V only

3)Atlas Top Gourmet Glass

This type of cooktop is for those who are picky when it comes to cooking. For those who have a planned kitchen and like to explore the world of gastronomy, the Atlas Top Gourmet Glass 5 Bocas built-in stove is a model that combines quality, modernity and differentiated features, such as tempered glass table, super-automatic ignition and timer that automatically shuts off the oven and the grill.

The individual trivets in cast iron are resistant and provide greater stability to the pots, and their burners have different powers ensuring optimal intensity for each recipe, including a burner Smart Flame of 1,0kW for delicate preparations such as syrups, sauces and sweets.

The oven is another great highlight of this 5-burner Atlas cooker. It has 119.5 liters of capacity, Easy Clean coating, 1 sliding grid and 1 fixed, electric grill and Turbo Convection technology , which continuously circulates the hot air inside the oven , providing uniform roasts and reducing the preparation time of the recipes. If you love this stove, but it does not fit in your kitchen, the best  30 gas cooktop with downdraft  of this brand has the same features as it as.

Stove Features:
  • Type of ignition: Superautomatic
  • Tempered glass table
  • Individual cast iron shafts
  • Oven: 119.5 liters capacity with Turbo Convection technology
  • Voltage: Bivolt (127V and 220V)

4) Electrolux 52ERS 

This Electrolux 52ERS  places fourth in our gas cooktop reviews. It has ample oven and digital timer. If your planned kitchen has space available for best 36 inch gas cooktop with 4-burner stove, the Electrolux 52ERS has excellent value for money , modern look with silver and black front finish and panel on the table with embossed graphics that do not fade with time . The stainless steel table is compartmentalized and without drilling, offering practicality in cleaning, has individual grades in enameled iron, and 4 burners, being 2 semi-fast and 2 fast. For greater control in the preparation time of the recipes, this Electrolux stove has timer with audible warning and digital clock. Preparing your favorite roasts is even easier in the self-cleaning oven that has 70 liters of capacity, two shelves (1 auto-slip and 1 manual), internal light and the internal glass of the oven door removable for cleaning. Before buying cooktops, is better to view our gas cooktop reviews.

Stove Features:
  • Type of ignition: automatic
  • Compartmentalized stainless steel table
  • Individual enamelled iron trempes
  • Oven: self-cleaning, with 70 liters of capacity
  • Voltage: Bivolt (127V and 220V)