To make our selection of the best gas cooktop, we are based on precise technical criteria . We focused on the reliability of the brands and the price / quality ratio of the hobs . Our 6 criteria for selecting a good gas cooktop with griddle are:

Criteria for selecting a good gas cooktop with griddle 

  • The quality of the brand : our selection was made from leading brands of home appliances  Bosch , Siemens , Rosières , SMEG , Sauter ..
  • The power of the plate : the gas hobs are doped with a total power of up to 12500W for optimal cooking of your dishes. Remember to choose a plate with a minimum power of one of the 2200W fireplaces . The best gas cooktop 36 inch provides more power plate for home kitchen.gas cooktop with griddle makes easy cook
  • type of surface: There are different types of surface with regard to gas hobs. You can find glass or tempered glass and enamel coatings as we have seen in our ranking, but there are others such as stainless steel, cast iron, and glass ceramic . We advise you to opt for black tempered glass surfaces for your future gas table, simply because they are simple to maintain and the rendering is very aesthetic.
  • the number and type of fireplaces: on the gas hobs, we have gas fireplaces but it is quite possible to find mixed tables that mix gas and induction or gas and electric for example.  You can find best 30 gas cooktop with downdraft for more number of frames. For the number of homes, you will usually find plates with 3 or 4 homes but there are also 2 or 6. It’s up to you to choose the number of homes according to your needs!
  • orders: nowadays, we can find 3 types of orders  on the hobs: the manual controls , the touch controls , or the commands sensitives . When it comes to gas hobs, we advise you to keep it simple and keep the good old manual controls that, on this type of fireplaces, will be much more reliable and practical .
  • dimensions: the standard size is 60 cm wide for gas hobs but this criterion is very variable depending on the number of foci present on the plate. Always check the dimensions of the table before you buy, you must be sure that it can be placed in the space provided in your kitchen.
  • How to use a gas hob?
gas cooktop with griddle makes easy clean

Being an indispensable tool in the kitchen, the gas hobs integrate all the homes that respect each other. Indeed, they are both practical and compact. Maintaining them regularly contributes significantly to promoting and preserving their performance. You will have to do the right things to ensure their longevity.  For longevity , best 36 inch gas cooktop is preferable .Learn with us how to take care of your equipment.

Prevent dirt from getting rooted on the device

The first habit to adopt is to never let the dirt settle on the plate. After each use, remember to check the condition of the device.  The gas cooktop with griddle makes dirt residues or drops of oil just waiting to become embedded. As soon as there is, take care of it immediately. Start cleaning to prevent stains from intensifying and covering the surface.

Clean the grilles of the device

Begin the maintenance process through the grids. For this gas cooktop with griddle it is best to detach them from the plate. You can use oven cleaners. But other alternatives exist. Soak the device overnight in a bath of vinegar, wine mixed with coarse salt and baking soda. This mixture is very effective to refurbish your grids.gas cooktop with griddle makes easy cook and clean

Switch to burners

Grease stains are easily stacked on burners and grills. To clean them, soapy water may suffice. You just have to scrub everything with a sponge soaked in water and a little detergent. Subsequently, rinse the burners with clean water. Have a habit of drying your supports before putting them back in their place.

Take care of the hob and the control buttons

It is also possible that dirt from the grease gets compressed along the hob. To disinfect it, wait until the plate is cool to pass all together with soapy water. As for the device’s control buttons, remove them before cleaning for safety. Do not put them back until dry.